Customize Your Greeting Sign

By customizing your Brella Fella sign insert, you can add your company's logo and make a personalized greeting to your guests. 

We recommend including a prompt to grab a bag for their umbrellas. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in keeping them dry and safe.

Click here to easily customize your sign insert or follow the instructions below to use one of our templates.


1. Download one of the below templates; most people find the PowerPoint template easiest to use.

2. Replace the top placeholder text with your own.

3. Delete the "Your Logo Here" box and add your company logo.

4. Copy your new text and paste it into the mirrored text box below; it will invert automatically.

5. Delete the mirrored "Your Logo Here" box and copy and paste your logo.

6. Move your pasted logo to the mirrored template and rotate it 180 degrees so it's also upside down.

7. Print the template and fold along the line. You're now ready to insert it into the frame.